Creating music is often considered difficult and limited to achieved musicians. With Drawing Sounds workshops, we want to demystify music making. For that, we use a home-made interactive application, so-called Drawing Sounds, running on a tabletop or a tablet. This application automatically converts spontaneous sketching on the tablet into a musical composition, following some very easy-to-understand musical rules. Together with a bit of animation, such a workshop enables the understanding of basic music principles and the creation of a real genuine piece of music, while having a lot of fun in the group. We extend the activity on the tablet with sound recording in the wild.

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We give these workshops on demand and we particularly foster kids, and kids-parents activities. It generally fits within 3 hours, half a day. Recently we proposed such workshop for the Quinzaine du Numérique ( festival on digital cultures ) in Mons and we were hosted by Café Europa ( connected café in the city centre ).

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    • Thank you very much for your positive feedback! At the moment, the DrawingSound software is running on a booth with a touch screen that we rent or sell. We’re based in Belgium, so if you’re around, you can come and try it at Hovertone’s HQ. Otherwise, we work on an iPad / iPad Pro version but that’s a rather long-term plan. What would you like to use it for? -Nicolas

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