Gastronomy & Digital Experience

There is a constant push for innovation in the field of gastronomy. For some time, chefs and sommeliers have understood that the effort has to encompass all the storytelling and client experience, rather than strictly the food. We have decided to use new interactive technologies to bring gastronomy to the next level. Not us imposing our view on what it should be, but by fostering a co-design approach: we create intuitive tools for chefs and sommeliers to design their restaurant ambiance together with the what is on the table. We bring interactive user experiences ( music and projections in the restaurant ) at the fingertips of the creative owners. We are instrument makers, again.

IMG_8968  905640_1624017884520255_3188449241797009066_o

Recently, thanks to Creative Valley and the City of Mons, we had the chance to experiment in this field with the restaurant Les Gribaumonts. We co-designed a four-service menu all together, with food, wine, mural projection and music. The five-sense experience was premiered in the Mons Memorial Museum, as a pop-up restaurant event. In a second time, we installed the same setup for a experimental week right at Les Gribaumonts. People loved it.

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