The HandSketch is finally out for sale! HandSketch is a new digital musical instrument that gives to a musician the possibility to play artificial singing voice on stage and in studio. This new musical instrument is the result of numerous years of research and development in the field of expressive singing voice synthesis, but also the design of a new user interface for the control of the singing parameters. The HandSketch has already been used in many performances, and can accompany classical instruments as well as fit electronic music circumstances.


HandSketch @ VdA   HandSketch @ Dome


You can find a video of HandSketch here.


We are currently working on the iPad/iPad Pro version of HandSketch. Wrapping up the full musical experience into a smaller form factor and simpler UI is not easy, so we’re launching the beta test. Please, join the group of beta testers by subscribing to this mailing list: http://eepurl.com/b9Z9AT. You’ll be added to our TestFlight program and you’ll receive a detailed email about how to send us feedback. We’ll have 3 rounds of beta’s!



Thanks for joining us and have fun with HandSketch!

8 thoughts on “HandSketch

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  2. i know the HandSketch before it was cool says hipsters

    for my part i love that music you play : Circle of Doubt… so human-like but so cold too.
    What if Jean Baudin who play Transcend makes harmonics and stuff ; and you raise the feels part of this duet ?


    btw if you release the HandSketch one day like in physical store i think i buy one -if i can

    • Hi Nicolas!

      Thank you for this very encouraging message. I’m glad to hear you’re an early HandSketch fan. 🙂 Thanks for the video, it’s definitely worth a try. Be sure that HandSketch will be available some time soon, it’s our “big plan”! Cheers!

  3. Lots of possibilities with this app. What is REALLY needs now is AudioBus, IAA and Link support. Add those, and you could well have a major hit.

  4. Nice; needs setting for Legato/”String”, Round Attack etc. as Geosynthesizer as still slightly “artificial-sounding.” But even so this looks great. Will this have Virtual MIDI to control other synths etc?

  5. Hi all, and thank you for these interesting requests. I put them on the todo list – I think AudioBus is the one the most likely to appear in the next few HandSketch releases! – and I will keep you posted when the next development cycles allow me to move on with the app. Cheers!

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