Interactive Print

We make magic walls and posters. Just take a regular poster and/or wall, any kind of size, that you would put in an event, a festival, in your shop or in the street for advertising, and “like magic” add the interactive twist to it. Yes, our posters and walls also sense proximity & touch, and come with a suite of digital tools to control sounds, music and interactive visuals, like videos or computer graphics. Such boosted-up visual communication devices will fit in any situation where you need to make a difference, attract your audience, make them play with your concept or brand and, overall, make them have a great, fun, playful memorable experience.

Interactive Story Wall

Our interactive story wall or poster is based on a a great piece of technology called conductive ink, which allows for creating digital interactivity on any kind of materiel: paper, plastic, wood, etc. By the way, if you are interested in this technology, we also give “getting started” and more advanced workshops on the topic.

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